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  1. Texas Executes Man Who Murdered Witnesses in 1988
  2. Freedom of Information Act
  3. Iraq war could kill 500,000: Report
  4. Find 21st Century 'War & Peace'
  5. Is the president of the United States a "moron"?
  6. AAPJEVENTS Events Committee Notes
  7. Lady Liberty Fireworks
  8. Anti-terror computer system plans wide, warrantless access
  9. Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans
  10. Our federal government want's you to think that it is strong
  11. Caller ID
  12. Bush Signs into Law U.S. Subjugation to God
  13. commentaries on computer security and cryptography
  14. while i support their anti-war effort these idiots at AAJP are a bunch of socialist
  15. You Are a Suspect - Homeland Security Act
  16. Homeland Security Watch
  17. Georgia Judge Allows For Mass Search of Protesters
  18. Homeland Security Watch
  20. Get Your War On at Alamo Drafthouse
  21. Ending the Cuban Embargo
  22. Interview with Lynne Stewart
  23. Not Your Mother's Peace Movement
  24. Arizona Legal Victory for Gun Owners
  25. US Constitution is not a 'suicide pact'
  26. Computer Break-Ins: Your Right to Know
  27. Sign on the Tempe Butte
  28. Boom box noise woes may grow Carmakers adding powerful stereos
  29. Young male drivers targeted Car stereos becoming louder and more powerful
  30. Powell: Summer No Obstacle to Fighting Iraq
  31. Cities cracking down on neighborhood blight Codes get stricter
  32. Bush aide defends missile strike
  33. U.S. Predator missile attack that killed six suspected al-Qaida terrorists
  34. CIA-controlled Predator
  35. U.S. Hails Attack on Car, Yemen Silent
  36. CIA missile strike kills key al-Qaida operative in Yemen
  37. Al-Qaida top aide killed by missile
  38. Nose Bleed
  39. Did payouts to warlords beat Taliban
  40. Pentagon defends domestic spying experiment System called terror protection
  41. Bush signs Homeland Security bill
  42. Porn taped at Indiana University 'Shane's World' angers officials
  43. AAPJEVENTS meeting notes
  44. Obtaining FEMA Essential Personell ID
  45. I Need Provocation Now
  46. What We Can Learn from World War II
  47. Tens of thousands will converge in Washington DC
  48. The Embarassment and Illegality of No-Fly Zones
  49. Germany calls him "Hitler"..Canada calls him "Moron"..... (George Bush)
  50. Washington's New Rules of Engagement
  51. Cyberterrorism and Terrorist 'Use' of the Net
  52. What Do Auth Centers Do? was Re: Debit vs. Credit Cards
  53. Anti-War movement
  54. AZTEC Logo
  55. Palestinian woman, 95, shot in taxi van by Israeli soldier
  56. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida Bush doesn't exempt Americans
  57. American citizens working for al-Qaida overseas can legally be targeted and killed by the CIA
  58. Officer suspended; refused to jail homeless NYC man
  59. Calls from Maricopa County jail taped illegally
  60. Hand-held missiles raise fear of terror Passenger planes are easy targets
  61. Mexico fights new battle: Corralling 'narco-ballads'
  62. Go to Somalia for your fake passport and fake Id needs
  63. Phoenix police end officers' clout to negotiate claims Armed Police thugs shake down citizens
  64. Al-Qaida is considered prime suspect in attacks
  65. John Edgar Hoover social security #
  66. Total Info Awareness = police state aka - TIPS
  67. customized body bag for your son to return home in
  68. TIP's = police state
  69. Federal checkpoints in downtown Detroit
  70. Police state in doubt still
  71. Bush aide: Inspections or not, we'll attack Iraq
  72. Bush Aide: Inspectors or not, we'll invade Iraq
  73. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge
  74. a simpler solution to photo radar
  75. Anti-war protesters bus to D.C
  76. Talking about Iraq
  77. Common Myths in Iraq Coverage
  78. Israel's Choice
  79. Your website was very unnerving and insulting
  80. Long Island Atheist against the war
  81. (David Dorn)
  82. Judge overturns rule limiting Social Security numbers for foreigners
  83. Bill Moyers on Election 2002
  84. Arizona Representative Maiorana says "GO FUCK YOURSELF"
  85. Cities Object to Patriot Act
  86. Green Party Making Strides
  87. David Hardy's Book on Second Amendment
  88. Precott Critical Mass Strikes Again!
  89. David Duke denounces war with Iraq
  90. Any Citizen Designated a 'Combatant' Loses Legal Protections
  91. Antiwar Effort Gains Momentum
  92. UN wants press banned from inspections
  93. Washington Post covers Antiwar Movement on front page
  95. Group stages protest for peace
  96. Hit counts
  97. Hit counts
  98. UN wants press banned from inspections
  99. Phoenix Police intimidate people to settle insuranse claims
  100. UN wants press banned from inspections
  101. David Duke denounces war with Iraq
  102. Iraq event guidelines and messages
  103. David Duke denounces war with Iraq
  104. Mr. Walsh and his emails are history
  105. Enter your name to see what GOOGLE says about you
  106. Please call me if you wish to discuss my "suspicions"
  107. History Puts His Credibility at Zero in the 9/11 Probe
  108. Thoughts on the American empire
  109. David Duke denounces war with Iraq
  110. civilians
  111. Wrongly seized $1M going back to Fleet customers
  112. Homeland Security Jokes
  113. free bus passes
  114. anti-government gifs
  115. boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law
  116. Global weapons trade takes all comers Money talks in world arms bazaar
  117. How to locate people on the internet
  118. Messy yard cops
  119. More messy yard government goons
  120. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  121. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  122. 100 terrorist attacks foiled, FBI says (yea sure and a monkey flew out of my butt)
  123. storm drains are for rain
  124. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers from kim komando's komputer klinic
  125. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying get more info on this - what laws? is it constitutional?
  126. How to view IE (internet explorer) files
  127. The stupid things morons in government do "storm drain dan"
  128. Contracts
  129. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  130. Americans are slowly becoming agains a war in Iraw
  131. U.S. Pilots on amphetamine kill Canadian soldiers
  132. Another good reason to stop jerking the Arabs around
  133. Anthrax cures cancer????
  134. Time for Arizona's to kill people in Iraq for Bush war
  135. Bush sends Marines to invade Iraq and kill people
  136. bomb
  137. Bush is not logical in his Iraq v North Korea position
  138. CIA torture and killing
  139. American cities against Bush Iraq War
  140. Thousands of people rallied Saturday in cities around the nation against, with Iraq
  141. notes on what happened at joel's arrest
  142. Protest when war starts - Mill & University
  143. (i saw on cop show at the hunan resturant on broadway when i went to my safe deposit box.
  144. Fucking answer for Jason
  145. sounds like a great way for the city of phoenix to waste our money.
  146. to view temp files that internet explorer ( ie ) is creating and using do this
  147. seach for the title and section of this federal law
  148. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  149. for good dentist call charlie smith
  150. I remember when I took law in college that contracts are an agreement between two or more people to do something.
  151. "storm drains are for rain" its the law - and its a fucking waste of money
  152. to view temp files that internet explorer ( ie ) is creating and using do this
  153. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  154. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  155. Our tax dollars being wasted on stupid "Storm Drain Dan Billboards"
  156. FBI making up lies to look needed
  157. Authority of CIA to kill widened
  158. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  159. out of control messy yard laws
  160. government goons steal money to fix homes
  161. locate people with these urs!
  162. getting weapons of mass descrution is just as easy as getting illegal drugs
  163. Bush administration officials acknowledged that boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law.
  164. bush's war is wrong
  165. bush's war
  166. Steve Benson speaks at AZPEACE meeting intempe
  167. The homeland security police state is here
  168. Al-Qaida built a 'dirty bomb' in Afghanistan, BBC reports
  169. Swift win or nuclear ruin? Iraq war scenarios abound
  170. more wasted tax dollars. if the idiots in our government were not doing stuff to piss off the arabs world we would not even need to do this.
  171. U.S. grows isolated over Iraq Push for war puts allies sharply at odds
  172. "How did OUR OIL get under THEIR SAND?"
  173. Shuttle disaster 'good news' to some in Arab world
  174. Palestinian Humor
  175. Here's an interesting argument.. - Government can't be trusted
  176. COPWATCH patrol of anti-war protest this saturday
  177. Make anti-war protest signs this friday
  178. Anti-war cartoons by benson
  179. Outmoded weapons greet troops - will be used to murder Iraqi women and children a 2nd time
  180. Anti-war protest in Phoenix Feb 15, 2003
  181. Government declares 4th Amendment null and void at airports
  182. Shouts for peace heard in U.S. from NYC to San Diego
  183. Global Anti-War Protests
  184. Thousands in San Francisco join protests against war in Iraq
  185. Several million protest against possible Iraq war
  186. Arizonas support Hitler's opp's Bush's war in Iraq
  187. Fuck the protesters! Bush is going to kill Moslems
  188. Data on terror attack fabricated
  189. keystone cops who couln't find a terrorist if they were paid to
  190. Police State is here. Missiles are guarding D.C
  191. anti-war protests in phoenix feb 15, 2003
  192. benson anti-war cartoon
  193. U.S. troops may fight in Philippines
  194. France has threatened to veto a UN resolution on war
  195. Disabling Surveillence Video Cameras
  196. What's your share of the national debt? $21,000
  197. We will give Turkey MONEY if they let us invade Iraq
  198. Tuesday February 18 Phoenix Anti-War Vigil
  199. we still have not won the war in Afghanistan and we want to invade Iraq
  200. some photos from the anti-war protest taken in downtown phoenix
  201. A daily look at the latest news and views on the conflict with Iraq.
  202. the American Empire continues - 1,700 GIs heading to Philippines
  203. their only in it for the money. turkey wants $30 billion to help U.S. invade Iraq.
  204. their only in it for the money. turkey wants $30 billion to help U.S. invade Iraq.
  205. The U.S.A. needs to be contained
  206. FBI fuckup. FBI says "opps, that Iraqi dude is not a terrorist"
  207. Long Live the AMERICAN EMPIRE - U.S. troops may fight in Philippines
  208. Smart countries don't follow U.S. war mongering policy
  209. Disabling Surveillence Video Cameras - by aiming an inexpensive laser pointer directly into the lens of a video camera
  210. What's your share of the national debt?
  211. US threatens to cancel Turkey's military aid if they don't help us invade Iraq
  212. Tuesday February 18 Phoenix Anti-War Vigil
  213. Bush Gives Boost in Advance of Homeland Security Opening
  214. Why does Bush push to silence free speech?
  215. the government has flushed the 2nd amendment down the toilet
  216. The Costs and Madness of Empire
  218. American Empire leader says - 'We will disarm him now,' Bush says
  219. Those Shameful Frenchmen :)
  220. Color Coded Police State Codes
  221. Saddam challenges Bush to debate
  222. good shit - its kent van cleves artwork
  223. IQ test on war on Iraq
  224. Phoenix Anti-War Rally 3/8/03
  225. Let's Keep the Pressure On!
  226. How Can He Be Captured if He Was Reported to Be Killed Last Year
  227. Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go To War
  228. Spying privilege of a host country: Munir
  229. About 3,000 gather locally to call for diplomatic resolution in Iraq
  230. sun never sets on the evil american empire
  231. these countries are friends of peace. not blood thirsty empire builders like the U.S.A and george bush
  232. U.S. government spies on UN message to try to get war votes
  233. doesnt matter what the facts are bush wants to start a war
  234. Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members
  235. this is exactly what is expected when the american government sends people over their to help their government kill people
  236. yea sure we can really trust the government not to torture this guy :)
  237. the bill of rights has been flushed down the tiolet years ago
  238. U.S. pledge: No torture of terrorist. yea! sure we can trust our government not to torture them :)
  239. FBI plane is spying on us
  240. war monger president bush is making things go back to the coldwar days
  241. anti-war protest 6-8pm friday at NIXONS
  242. Make anti-war protest signs this friday at Kyrsten's house. there is nothing to do after school gets out at 4:30
  243. COPWATCH patrol of anti-war protest this saturday
  244. Saddam, sons vow resistance
  245. Capturing Saddam may prove a big task
  246. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - Palo Verde, other sites given extra protection
  247. USA ready to violate international law and invade Iraq
  248. Westerners killed in Yemen
  249. Commando force poised to track and kill Saddam
  250. anti-war protest this saturday at 10am in Phoenix sponsered by AZPEACE
  251. Superpower violates international law and invades Iraq
  252. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - Nation's 'orange' alert level tightens Arizona security
  253. Baghdad panicky as Iraq war looms
  254. bush says its time to murder woman and children in iraq unless saddam steps down
  255. congress critters in the government are taking your money and giving it to solders
  256. bush will tell us at 6:00 p.m. tonight monday march 17, 2003 why he is going to kill 1,000's of iraqi woman and children
  257. FBI has 'air force' watching America
  258. robots, robots, robotics
  259. Take a hike, tour Iraq, hit showers
  260. Anti-war protest world wide
  261. Share your anti-war files peer to peer with kazaa site
  262. a few anti-war web sites - friends
  263. Nuclear risk high, report concludes
  264. cool russian site with lots of good pro-freedom quotes
  265. the American Empire has tested the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever developed
  266. Truth drug? You must be kidding
  267. cool russian site with lots of good anti-government quotes
  268. What we really need is a UN War tribunal to jail Bush for the American war crimes :)
  269. Sucker punching U.S. foreign policy (he is usually a socialist police state advocate but at least he is against the war)
  270. The terrorist threat level has been downgraded because the manipulation of the public through fear has was working a little too well
  271. More than 4.8 million items seized by federal airport screeners - if thats the best they can do its time to get rid of them
  272. Weathercasters are key on desert battlefield
  273. Annan Says U.S. Will Violate Charter if It Acts Iraq Without Approval
  274. Saturday after the war starts here is where we will protest
  275. cool english anti-war posters
  276. Orange Alert Sirens to blow 24 hours a day in Major U.S. Cities
  277. Mark Twain was an antiwar activist in opposition of the American Philippine war
  278. U.S. Diplomat Resigns in Protest or illegal and immoral iraq war
  279. FBI agent questions agency's readiness
  280. our war mongering president bush wants to kill iraqis
  281. Bush: U.S. will act on its own against Iraq and start war
  282. Hitler opp's I mean Bush fine-tunes attack plans for Iraq
  283. are going to strike slowly on a long notice and lose the war?
  284. Secretary of War
  285. Evidently a suspected al-Qaida leader who was supposedly killed last year has recently been arrested - Ernie
  286. Evidently a suspected al-Qaida leader who was supposedly killed last year has recently been arrested - Kevin
  287. Israeli Missiles kill women and children again
  288. Damn I thought Ashcroft had all these people locked up in a camp somewhere - cartoon
  289. the police state will run us thru a credit check when we fly and give us a green, yellow, or red flag
  290. Afghan detainees' deaths ruled homicides
  291. Amnesty International criticizes U.S. handling of terror suspects
  292. Friday anti-war sign making party at Kyrstens or protest at NIXONS
  293. Sunday Anti-War Rallies - Probably the last ones before the bombing starts
  294. Anti-war protest at Nixons
  295. Some military reservists will risk jail to resist Iraq duty
  296. Hundreds Rally For and Against Iraq War
  297. Homeland Security is a jobs program for government thugs
  298. Rape is OK when its done by men in the government

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